President’s Message

Winter 2016


What a summer! From our Club’s Concours in Dana Point to Monterey Car Week and all that goes on there, it’s been fun. I’ve driven lots of miles in a vintage Porsche to attend the events, both local and far away and that’s been a highlight. You see for me and most of you, a big part of the fun derived from these cars is the drive. Nothing I enjoy more than many hours on a back road in a 356.

Over 5000 miles spent in the seat in August. The old Blaupunkt Frankfurt is not loud enough with the windows down at 80 miles per hour to be heard. Talking to myself is fun. I’m pretty interesting. I can have long hours of discussions with myself and never get bored. I can easily convince myself to stop and take a picture. I never complain with how fast I’m going and I always know where I am. Not that I’m against having a third party along, I just enjoy the drive plenty with me, myself and I.

Getting there is half the fun to be sure, but when you arrive at Monterey Car Week and are greeted by old friends and amazing cars, you realize these old things really transport you to a place you want to be. Concours On The Avenue, Werks Reunion, The Quail, the auctions, Laguna Seca, Pebble Beach and more are all very different experiences. Each claims ground to a brand, elegance, food, wealth, the smell of brakes, rubber and fuel being burned. It’s a full week and well worth spending the whole week.

You don’t go long without seeing a 356, 912, 911 and the latest Porsche has to offer and that’s how our Club is. I often see a couple in a 356 at one event and a new 911 at the next. Brand loyalty for sure, but old or new, Porsche builds a nice ride, a capable ride, able to be one of the fastest cars on the road in its day. How could we not be attracted to this? That’s why we drive them. As we are aging, comfort creeps in and we are starting to see the occasional new 911 parked at an event built around the 356.

It’s all good and we see event participation at highs. At the 356 Club’s Dana Point Concours we had over 200 356’s and another 200 Porsche’s from early 911’s, 912’s and the latest 991. As I write this, I’m about to head out to Yosemite for our Fall Festival. We have 100 cars registered and almost 200 participants. I’d call that a huge turnout. Super excited to see folks coming as far away as Seattle to join in. It will be interesting to see what’s in the parking lot, but I bet it’s filled with Porsche’s!

I’m a bit concerned again with the health of the Club. We are financially very well set thanks to a crack Board and enthusiasts, but once again, we are seeing fewer renewals. If anyone has any ideas as to how to entice folks to return or become new members, please let us know what you think might work. We, as a board are getting younger and we hope to use these younger guys to reach out to their peers and get them involved in the Club.

Our final event this year is Palms to Pines and this 26th reunion starting in Palms Springs and heading to the mountains of Southern California will be fun. Once again, the Goldberg’s will be leading the event, their 25th time! I thank them and all the people that give their time to make this a fun place to be. I’m looking forward to joining in on this event for the first time this year, myself. I hope to see you there and on the road on the way!



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